List of 50 Enjoyable Activities

Increase Positive Emotions by Engaging in Enjoyable Activities

A short-term strategy to increase positive emotions is to engage in pleasant experiences. Aim to do at least one enjoyable activity per day. See the list below for 50 ideas of activities that you may enjoy.

And remember to be mindful while engaging in these activities, focusing your attention fully on positive experiences as they are happening. 



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50 Enjoyable Activities:

  1. Go for a walk

  2. Listen to music

  3. Take photographs

  4. Read a newspaper or magazine

  5. Take a bath

  6. Sit in the sun

  7. Watch a movie

  8. Laugh

  9. Write in a journal

  10. Work on a puzzle

  11. Recall a happy memory

  12. Coloring

  13. Gardening

  14. Spend time with friends

  15. Do yoga

  16. Swimming

  17. Singing

  18. Dancing

  19. Go to a flea market

  20. Drawing or doodling

  21. Painting

  22. Buy fresh flowers

  23. Join a book club

  24. Go to a farmer’s market

  25. Be affectionate with a loved one

  26. Play a musical instrument

  27. Crafting (crochet, model building)

  28. Get a manicure or pedicure

  29. Cooking

  30. Jogging or running

  31. Play a sport

  32. Go sightseeing in your own town

  33. Read a book

  34. Meditate

  35. Watch a sunrise or sunset

  36. Enjoy a cup of tea

  37. Have a picnic

  38. Visit a museum

  39. Sudoku or a crossword puzzle

  40. Play a board game

  41. Look at old photos

  42. Light a scented candle

  43. Call a friend or family member

  44. Hiking

  45. Get a massage

  46. Volunteer

  47. Go to the library

  48. Go to a park

  49. Stargazing

  50. Explore somewhere new