The Ultimate Guide to Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books seem to be everywhere these days. With more people becoming aware of the cognitive and emotional benefits of coloring, it's no wonder that the popularity of these books has grown exponentially in recent years. I have put together this guide to help you navigate the process of choosing an adult coloring book that you will be satisfied with.

This guide has three sections:

(1) Things to consider when purchasing an adult coloring book

(2) List of popular adult coloring books

(3) Recommended coloring supplies


The Ultimate Guide to Adult Coloring Books

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Level of Detail: Many popular adult coloring books feature artwork with incredibly intricate details to help people become fully immersed in the act of coloring. While it is important to selecting coloring designs that are complex enough to consume one's attention (which is what often differentiates adult coloring books from those intended for younger ages), it is also important to match your current skill level and needs. If you are just starting out, tend to be impatient, or are not a very detail-oriented person, then you may want to look for designs with slightly larger coloring areas or less dense designs. This may support you in enjoying the activity of coloring, rather than becoming frustrated and giving up.

Page Size: Similarly, weigh the implications of page size when selecting a coloring book. You may want to consider factors such as your ability to sustain attention, how busy your schedule is and how much time you plan to spend coloring, and whether you typically like to finish projects in one sitting or are content to come back at a later date. There are high-quality adult coloring books available in a wide range of sizes. Emma Farrarons has created a bestselling line of pocket-sized Mindfulness Coloring Books. For larger books, look into books by illustrator Johanna Basford or from the Just Add Color series.

Layout of Designs: Are designs printed on both sides of pages or on one side of the page only? This may be an important consideration depending on what you plan to color with. For example, many markers bleed through to the back of pages, so you may want to look for books where artwork is only printed on one side of the page if you plan to color with markers.

Thickness of Pages: The importance of page thickness is also largely dependent on the coloring tools you plan to use. Thicker pages will be better for preventing markers from bleed through pages.

Price: Obviously, your budget will impact which coloring book(s) you ultimately end up purchasing. If you aren't sure that coloring is for you, perhaps start out by printing one or two of the free adult coloring pages available online. This will help inform your decision if you then decide to purchase an adult coloring book. Most of my recommended books fall within a $5-$15 price range.


Popular Adult Coloring Books


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Coloring Supplies






  • Crayola Set - if you are more concerned with fun than quality, then this Crayola set may be a great option for you (includes 24 crayons, 12 colored pencils, 10 fine line markers, and 10 broad line markers)