Holiday Gifts That Support Mental Health & Wellness


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Products for Self-Soothing

A healthy way to cope when experiencing distressing emotions is by focusing on soothing each of the five senses. The items listed below are some great gift options for soothing through scent, taste, and touch.



Enjoyable Activities

A short-term strategy to increase positive emotions is to engage in enjoyable activities and pleasant experiences.



A jigsaw puzzle can be especially beneficial as it requires your focus, drawing attention away from distressing thoughts and emotions.



Coloring can be a very calming and enjoyable activity, which is why counselors often recommend coloring as an adaptive coping strategy. Add a set of Prismacolor premier colored pencils to one of these holiday coloring books to make a great gift set!

Gifts with Positive Messages

Consider a gift that has inspirational messages and supports healthy ways of thinking. It can be especially beneficial if these are items that are seen or used as part of daily life, such as a wall calendar or writing instruments

A small lightbox adds a personal touch to this coping strategy, as it invites individuals to create messages that are particularly impactful for themselves. Before wrapping a lightbox as a gift, consider arranging a positive message on the lightbox for the gift recipient to see when they open the gift!

Reminders of Supportive Relationships & Pleasant Memories

You can design a personalized gift through websites such as Mixbook or Shutterfly (get $20 off your first order from Mixbook by using this link or clicking one of the below images). A photo book can be a great way to help people reflect on positive experiences and remember that they are not alone. This type of gift will probably provide you with a mood boost as well, since you will likely enjoy the process of going through your old photos to gather and arrange some of your favorites into a book! If designing a whole book seems overwhelming to you, consider making a custom calendar or print instead.

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