Self Soothing Techniques

You can learn to soothe yourself when experiencing distressing emotions by focusing on soothing each of the five senses. Try some of the examples below, or identify your own healthy ways to soothe your senses in order to help regulate your emotions.



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  • Slowly drink a cup of tea

  • Mindfully eat a small portion of one of your favorite foods

  • Place a mint or small candy in your mouth and focus on its taste as it slowly dissolves



  • Take a walk in a beautiful area

  • Go to a park or garden to observe nature

  • Scroll through pretty landscape photos online

  • Look at a book with beautiful images

  • Watch a sunrise or sunset

  • Look at photos of some of your happy memories





  • Listen to calming music

  • Observe the sounds of nature

  • Sit next to a fountain and listen to the sounds of the moving water