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Coping Cards

It is often difficult to access helpful, more rational thoughts when we are feeling upset. Coping cards allow us to prepare for this by writing down helpful coping statements ahead of time, so that we can read through these statements when we feel upset and would otherwise find it difficult to access helpful thoughts and ways of viewing situations.

Self-Compassion Versus Self-Esteem

Watch an interesting and informative video of Kristin Neff, Ph.D. discussing the differences between self-compassion and self-esteem at a TEDx Talk.

Resources - Helplines & Lifelines

In honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I have put together a list of helplines available for people experiencing emotional distress, including lifelines for those in need of crisis intervention. If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional suffering, please review these available resources and call for help today.

Monday Dose of Mindfulness: 5 Senses Exercises

The subject of today’s Monday Dose of Mindfulness post is a mindfulness exercise for shifting attention to each of the five senses. This exercise is a way to ground you in the present moment by shifting attention to both internal and external stimuli.

Positive Self Affirmations

Positive self affirmations are an important tool for countering unhealthy and inaccurate beliefs that lead to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and other forms of distress.

List of 50 Enjoyable Activities

A short-term strategy to increase positive emotions is to engage in pleasant experiences. Aim to do at least one enjoyable activity per day. See this list for 50 ideas of activities that you may enjoy.