Monday Dose of Mindfulness: Mindful Observation of Nature

This Monday Dose of Mindfulness describes a simple mindfulness exercise to help you practice your mindful observation skills while enhancing your connection to nature. Aim to spend at least 3-5 minutes practicing the mindfulness exercise described below.




*Reminder: If your attention begins to wander at any point, remember that this is completely normal. Simply note it and, without judgment, try to intentionally shift your attention back to the mindfulness exercise.


Mindful Observation of Nature – Cloud Watching

  • Find a comfortable place to sit outside. You may choose to sit on a chair or bench, or you may opt to sit directly on the ground to connect more directly with nature.

  • Begin by shifting attention to the breath: observing the inhale, the exhale, and the pause in between.

  • After taking a few deep breaths, gently lift your gaze to look up at the sky.

  • Observe the appearance of the clouds in the sky, noticing the shape, color, size, and apparent texture of the clouds visible to you.

  • Notice any urges to move or turn your head. Try not to impulsively act on these urges, but instead make a conscious choice before moving in any way.

  • Sit and watch the clouds. Experience how all things naturally come and go.



Remember to check back for more mindfulness exercises on Mondays!