Couples Counseling


Do you and your partner have frequent arguments? Do you seem to have the same fights over and over? 

Are you having difficulty navigating a new phase of your relationship? Maybe things have changed since you moved in together, got married, became new parents, or became empty nesters. 

Have issues of mistrust and jealousy been negatively impacting your interactions with your partner?

Are you bothered by a lack of emotional intimacy? Do you feel lonely in your relationship?


 Couples Counseling Philadelphia


Relationships are hard. Each partner brings his or her own set of values, expectations, and beliefs shaped by past experiences into the relationship. Outside factors--such as extended family members, children, and stress related to work or finances--can also impact a relationship in significant ways. Over time, emotional distance may grow between partners. Eventually, you may feel as though you and your partner are living separate lives.

If you are dissatisfied with simply coexisting and yearn to reconnect with each other, then contact me to learn how to grow together rather than continuing to grow apart. You and your partner can learn how to communicate more effectively to resolve conflicts and face challenges together.

Whether you are feeling deeply dissatisfied with your relationship or feel that you have a strong foundation and simply want to fine tune things, couples counseling may be helpful. By addressing the issues that have left you feeling stuck and building on your strengths as a couple, counseling can help you have a more fulfilling and intimate relationship.

I provide a safe therapeutic environment for all couples. 


Ready to Get Started?

After reviewing information about my rates and location, call 267-551-1060 or send me a message to set up a time to talk and schedule your free initial consultation.

I will ask you and your partner to complete some new client paperwork ahead of your appointment, so that we can use your consultation session most effectively. There is no obligation to commit to services after attending a consultation.

At your consultation we will discuss what brought you to couples counseling, each partner's goals for counseling, and how I may be able to help you work toward these goals. If we don't feel like I am a good match for you, I will gladly assist you in finding another therapist who may be a better fit.